1st National Youth Conference Resolutions

ZEWU young workers conducted a conference  at Village Inn, Nyanga, on 12th -13th December, 2014 and resolved that:

1.    There shall be youth capacity building programmes which include education and training.

2.     Youth leaders shall communicate with grassroots membership and convey messages on all issues pertaining to the organization;

3.    Their leadership shall network with relevant social partners to exchange notes on trade unionism in general and youth in particular;

4.    They will protect, promote and advance the image and integrity of the union;

5.    They shall, by all means stand, defend and fight for the union and ensure that the organization does not lose membership to rival sweet heart unions who, by all means lead membership astray;

6.    They shall engage in membership recruitment and servicing programmes;

7.    The National youth committee shall ensure the establishment of youth structures in all branches and engage in capacity building programmes.

8.    The national youth committee shall ensure that membership is kept informed of all developments in the union and the industry at large;

9.    The youth shall network with their counterparts from other progressive local, regional and international trade union organizations;

10.    The youth shall spearhead effective communication at different levels

11.    The union shall manage information dissemination on its  own and improve public relations rather than depending entirely on the media

12.    The union shall develop its grassroots membership to create a vibrant trade union organization;

13.     Youth shall attend meetings at different levels and learn from ideas as well as experiences of other progressive trade unionists

14.    ZEWU Structure shall encourage other IndustriALL affiliates to conduct Youth conference to elect leadership which shall participate in the Global union federation activities and programmes.

15.    ZEWU shall facilitate safety and health  programmes including HIV and Aids.

16.    The organization shall conduct a leadership workshop targeting youth leadership to orient them on their duties and obligation.

17.    Youth leadership shall send solidarity message on Ebola to the other youth in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

18.    Youth shall participate in national economic programmes and influence policy development and implementation.

19.    Youth shall also participate in influencing regional peace and

20.    The Youth structure shall work with the Ministry of Youth to benefit from free youth training programmes

21.    Branch youth committees shall work with their respective national executive members to ensure effective operations of their structures.

22.    Youth shall spearhead reinstatement of the President and conduct necessary actions amongst them being demonstrations.

23.    Youth shall demonstrate against employers for failing to remit subscriptions.

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One thought on “1st National Youth Conference Resolutions

  1. kunez Reply

    the goodness of the Young Workers should be seen on the Demonstrations and STRIKE for 2012 CBA, we want you energy to motivate energy workers

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