IndustriALL Executive Committee in Stockholm

On 19-20 May, IndustriALL Global Union held its Executive Committee meeting in Stockholm. Former trade union leader and now Swedish Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, addressed the 200 participants, saying trade unions and organized workforce have an essential role to play in the fight for social justice.

She updated delegates to the recently held IndustriALL World Energy Conference on her situation. The conference brought together over 250 delegates from energy industry trade unions representing members in 48 countries in Madrid, Spain on 10-11 April, 2014. Delegates were appalled to hear of her continued struggle for justice and reinstatement and unanimously expressed full support and solidarity to her fight.

Angeline was dismissed for allegedly disclosing confidential information at a press conference damaging the image of the company. She was dismissed without a fair hearing, which took place in her absence and in the absence of her legal and union representatives in September 2012. Since then, despite court findings in her favour, the company has refused to reinstate her. Cases continue which appear to be focussed on the payment of damages rather than the reinstatement she demands.

IndustriALL Global Union General Secretary, Jyrki Raina, has again written to the Zimbabwe government calling for her immediate reinstatement:

“It is clear that the case is a blatant attack on an effective trade union leader and an attempt to remove her from her trade union position as well as her employment. As such this situation is in total violation of core ILO Conventions and damaging the international reputation of Zimbabwe.”

The next stage in this long saga will be a further court hearing on 29 May, 2014. IndustriALL Global Union demands that the Ministers of both Labour and of Energy intervene and instruct ZESA to immediately engage with the union in constructive dialogue and to stop the victimization of Chitambo.

We will continue to support ZEWU and Angeline Chitambo until this matter is successfully resolved.

Source: IndustriAll website

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