Alfons De Potter visits ZEWU

Alfons De Potter visits ZEWU

Alfons De Potter, Vice-president of  CSC  a labour union based in Belgium last week embarked on a three day tour of ZEWU.visited the ZEWU offices in Harare on Wednesday.He immediately held a meeting with Assistant General Secretary Mbonisi

De Potter, who is also an executive member of IndustriALL Sibanda, where the two dealt on the operations of the two unions.

De Potter had the opportunity of meeting some of the national executive members, before touring the proposed ZEWU labour college in Merrick Park.

Later during the day, De Potter travelled to Nyanga for the ZEWU strategic planning workshop review in the company of President Chitambo.

Before De Potter gave a keynote address, President Chitambo read out her welcome remarks where she welcomed the presence of De Potter and Herman Ntlatleng as a sign of solidarity.

“We would like to appreciate the presence of our two visitors (De Potter and Herman)….its a sign of solidarity and we hope that the two will greatly assist in building ZEWU into a bigger and strong union,”she said.

“The strategic planning workshop will help in shaping the future of ZEWU….we need to leave the workshop more united and focused and we are all strategic players in this workshop,”she added.

On Thursday De Potter addressed the workshop where he called on ZEWU to use its strategic role to ensure that the rights of workers are upheld.

Said De Potter:

“You need to know that affordable energy is vital for any economic and future development, therefore it is essential for labour unions, especially you as a strategic player to persistently fight for social security.

“ZEWU must continue the fight for fair working condtions….you must be the guide for a free market.We support all the work you have been doing….you need a planned approach to complement the good work you have done.”

De Potter said he was grateful to  visit ZEWU and looks forward to further  collaboration with the union.

De Potter said his visit to Zimbabwe was the first to an English speaking country.


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