BWI Africa and Middle East Regional Women Conference

Innovative unionism is also conceptualised to enlarge women representation in decision-making bodies of the affiliates. While some unions have succeeded having clauses specific to women in its collective agreements and unions understand that the role of women within the bodies of power is important; still we do not see much progress on this issue in the region.

The Women’s Regional Committee is the structure of policy decision-making in matters of gender. This instance is part of the BWI’s decision-making organizations and as such, its recommendations are taken into account to assure the application of the gender policy, the egalitarian participation and its positive action in this matter.

Towards Innovative Unionism in Building Construction, Wood and Forestry Sectors”
Towards Innovative Unionism in Building Construction, Wood and Forestry Sectors”

They are working on increase a) participation in the union structures; b) participation in the project processes; and c) participation in the union networking. Also to push the participation age to an average of 42 years approximately, focused on functionaries and leadership positions within the union hierarchy.

While there has been progress in some unions in the region, the gap is still big especially in the MENA sub-region though they are making some inroads.


  1. To evaluate women contribution to unions campaigns and role of women leaders in improving workers’ rights in the Wood and Construction sectors in Africa and Middle East from 2013 to 2016.
  2. To Share Experience on women organizing in BWI sectors in Africa and Middle East
  3. To develop a women action plan for Africa and Middle East based on innovative unionism as strategy towards the BWI Durban Congress in 2017

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