Call For Articles For “The Connector”

Zimbabwe Energy Workers Union (ZEWU)

The above matter refers.

logoIn an effort to ensure that members are continuously updated on developments happening in the industry and the union as well as other issues that affect them in the world of work; the union decided to resuscitate the production of “The Connector” with renewed vigour.

We are therefore calling all branches and individual members to contribute articles for publication   to the benefit of the general members and the organisation as a whole.

The articles sought can be anything from hard news stories, small features, letters to the editor, opinions, educative write ups on labour issues, poems, jokes and teasers. We are also encouraging workers to send us pictures showing themselves at their workplaces.

The Connector will be published quarterly. Hence we request your submission of articles before February 28 so that we start working on our fist publication which is expected to be out by March 31, 2014. Please make an effort to play your part by writing something today.

The union would also want to advise members that it is in the process of establishing an information resource centre (Library) which will stock labour related books and relevant information material of interest to members.

Members will use the library for research purposes to further pursue their professional and academic studies. We are therefore encouraging you to submit the type of information and books which you think can be of use   for this purpose.

Together we can make our magazine and the information resource centre a success if we play our part of supporting this initiative by contributing articles for The Connector and innovative ideas for the Library.

Thanking you in advance.

Martin Chikuni


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