Divisive Chitambo fired

Zimbabwe Energy Workers Union (ZEWU)

The visionary and respected acting president of the Zimbabwe Energy Workers Union (ZEWU) Mike Steamar Ndlovu said the membership and the whole world should guard against underhand machinations by former president Angeline Chitambo who is claiming that she is still the union president.
This comes after reports that Chitambo attended a congress of the Zambian Mining Workers Union in June this year in her official capacity as ZEWU president despite her sacking by the union.
Ndlovu said the world should know that the divisive and disgraced Chitambo was dismissed as president of the organization by the National Council on the 15th April 2018 after the independent disciplinary committee found her guilty on all charges brought against her and made a recommendation for her dismissal.
“I would like to categorically state that Chitambo is no longer the president of ZEWU and whoever deals with her in that capacity does that at their own peril. She is no longer part of us. She had become toxic to the organization and had to be off loaded. This is the official position of the union and nothing has changed,” said Ndlovu.
The decision to dismiss Chitambo followed a legal battle which began on the 27th of January 2018 after the management committee gave her a vote of no confidence over a cocktail of allegations which include disregarding the Union’s Constitution, taking the union as her private business, theft , usurping powers of the executive committee and deviating from the principles of unionism by applying divide and rule tactics which threatened unity amongst the leadership and to a larger extend the general membership as a whole.
“There is no doubt that former president Chitambo’s conduct had posed a serious threat to the existence of ZEWU as a body corporate and the off shoots of her behavior was also affecting the smooth operations of the organization,” said Ndlovu who was appointed the acting president of the union by the National Council in Kariba.
The ZEWU leader said Chitambo ignored an invitation to attend an internal disciplinary process before an independent disciplinary committee which started by serving her with a suspension letter.
“Using her bullish attitude and borrowed ego, Chitambo decided not to attend the hearing which was a clear indication of her lack of respect for the union’s internal processes and procedures and her attitude was a serious violation of the union’s Constitution,”.
He said the union is also disturbed that former president Chitambo displayed a high degree of dishonesty and untrustworthy when she continued to receive an allowance from the union when she was in fact paid damages in lieu of reinstatement by her principal employer, ZESA wherein the final payment of terminal benefits was made on 31 August, 2015. This was after the 2013 labour court ruling had given the option of her reinstatement or the payment of damages in a case of dismissal which started in 2012.
“By failing to disclose to the union that her case was over and that she had been paid damages, former president Chitambo had an actual intent of stealing union funds by double deeping. This was against the letter and spirit of a resolution made in 2012 to have her receive financial assistance which would cease upon the finalization of her case. Through this clandestine behavior, the union was prejudiced $51 798.00,” he noted.
Chitambo, he said, failed to understand that she was benefiting from the benevolence of the union and the financial assistance in question was not a right but a privilege. She was not an employee of the union and was given the assistance on humanitarian grounds.
“The arrogance displayed by Chitambo shows her lack of maturity and diplomacy and had promoted herself to the position of executive president with an insatiable appetite for power and could stop at nothing at the detriment and expense of the organization,” Ndlovu fumed.
The union, Ndlovu said, was left with no option but to institute criminal proceedings against Chitambo for theft and refusing to surrender the union’s motor vehicle after her dismissal. So far some of the union witnesses have appeared before the Magistrate Court with overwhelming evidence against her.
Regarding the motor vehicle, a resolution was passed at the 2016 congress for the purchase of a motor vehicle for the presidium and not the president. After the acquisition of the vehicle, Chitambo took custody of it and started using it for her private business without the authority of the union. None of the members of the presidium were allowed, whilst on union business, to use the vehicle by Chitambo.
“The union is in the process of repossessing the vehicle. Members are advised to ignore her misinformation and cry for sympathy because her actions are aimed at causing confusion within the organisation. She is now history. The decision to dismiss her is not irreversible. Chitambo is not ZEWU and ZEWU is not Chitambo,” Ndlovu said.

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