Egg in the face for Irene Tembo

Zimbabwe Energy Workers Union (ZEWU)

An egg in the face for Cde Tembo

The Ministry of Labour recently dismissed an application by disgraced from Zewu Trustee Irene Tembo seeking to de-register the trade union.

In her determination the Acting Registrar at the Ministry of Labour NN Simango said Tembo’s arguments had no basis and therefore declined the application for the rescission of Zewu.

Tembo applied for the grounds of rescission of the registration of Zewu sighting flimsy arguments.

She said Zewu no longer represents the interests of workers in the energy sector after failing to stop the employer from unilaterally slashing workers allowances.

Tembo also argued that the union was declining resignations from employees who were opting to resign and that Zewu has failed to perform what it is registered  for but instead was providing catering services.Only God knows what was the argument on providing catering services.

Tembo together with spooky 1 300 members claimed that one member of national executive belonged to a political party and that former union Vice-president Joseph Sibanda was unfairly dismissed.

Zewu on other hand argued that the 1300 members claimed by Tembo to have disgruntlements on the union were not individually listed on the affidavit therefore were null and void.Former union VP Sibanda was never dismissed but resigned on his own while he was on suspension pending disciplinary hearing.

Zewu also argued that the union has structures from branches to congress and therefore if there were any complaints, they should have channeled through the requisite structures.

The union denied ever blocking resignations of union members as this is a gross  unfair labour practice that can be dealt by the Ministry of Labour.

Zewu further denied that the Sibanda was unfairly dismissed from the union but he had resigned on his own and joined ZTEA.

Handing down the determination on the matter Acting Registrar Simango made several observations.

Among them that Zewu had not  been shown to be representing the interests of the employer at the expense of workers.

-That Zewu constitution had not been violated and that domestic remedies have not been employed by those disgruntled.

Speaking after the judgment was handed down, Zewu Assistant General Secretary Mbonisi Sibanda said:

“We are pleased with the result of the accreditation proceedings. Regrettably Tembo, a woman, was being used by our detractors who must be ashamed.

Zewu is a strong institution which is well structured and individuals cannot destroy it.


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