Zimbabwe Energy Workers Union (ZEWU)

The workshop was held at Peters Motel, Beitbridge on 2 – 3 September 2017.


Participants were drawn only from the main branches, as there are no BWACs and BYWACs in both branches. The participants were as follows;

Takavawona Nyambi
Asalia Ndlovu
Sibongukusa Sibanda
Sikhonzile Gwindiri
Mlandeli Mathuthu
Rajab Twaibu
Jabulani Tshuma
Dzikamai Mahachi
Nobuhle Ndlovu
Bekhithemba Moyo
Thulani Mpande
Noris Moyo
Omission Silindi
Wallace Kahuni
Jabulani Ngulube
Tapiwa Mpofu
Shephard Shumba

One participant, Asaila Ndlovu, could not continue with proceedings as she was excused to attend to her father who had fallen ill whilst Norris Moyo just went absent without any official communication of the reasons.


A Chitambo (President)
M. Mugabe (2nd Vice President)
P. Shotere (1st Trustee)
N.Nkala (2nd Trustee)
K. Sirivha (National Treasurer)
T. Mpande (NEC Member)
M. Sibanda (Acting General Secretary)

The 1st Vice President, comrade M.S. Ndlovu, could not attend due to a bereavement in the family.


P. Chenyika (Education & Training Officer)
R. Muparabasa (Educator)

Official Welcome

The NEC member for the constituency, comrade T. Mpande, officially welcomed everyone and thanked the Presidium for finally arranging the training of the Branch leadership.

Official Opening

The President officially opened the workshop. She urged all the participants to take the proceedings seriously and participate as it was an opportunity for them to develop the requisite skills required in the execution of their duties.

Workshop Objectives

The 2nd Trustee, comrade N. Nkala outlined the workshop objectives as being, to;

induct the newly elected leadership into their roles and functions as defined by the ZEWU Constitution.

orient the new leadership on the ZEWU Constitution, mission, vision and values.

empower the new leadership with the basic skills required in the execution of their roles and functions.

familiarize the new leadership with labour legislation

Workshop Content

The workshop covered the following topics;

The History of Trade Unionism in Zimbabwe – a brief overview.
The History of ZEWU
The ZEWU Constitution and Structures
The ZEWU Vision, Mission and Values
Duties and Functions of the Branch

Meeting Procedure
Disciplinary Hearing Procedure
Grievance Handling Procedure
Occupational Health and Safety


The workshop was conducted through the lecture, discussion and case study methods. Recent and practical examples were used to emphasize on concepts under discussion. There was also rich infusion of experience shared with members of the Presidium who attended the workshop.

Workshop Impact

Judging from the group task and plenary feedback, the workshop had a huge positive impact on the participants most of who exhibited a significant change in their appreciation of labour issues from what they came with. The evaluation forms attached herewith also clearly indicate the participants’ overall evaluation of the workshop.

Observations and recommendations

It was observed that there was, comparatively, a very low number of female participants at this workshop as the two branches both had only 4 female participants. It was also observed that the two branches are generally active in union activities and are committed to what ZEWU stands for.

From the experience, where there were very active women and youths in attendance, it is recommended that the Branches get assisted to set up BWACs and BYWACs as there are sufficient numbers for both structures to be set up.

It is also critical to consider further workshops on OHS as well as Collective Bargaining as a way of further empowering the Branches.


We wish to acknowledge the support rendered by all who had some contribution towards the successful holding of the workshop, especially the Presidium and the NEC Member, comrade T. Mpande for co-ordination of the Branches.


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