Green Fuels workers appeal to Zewu

Workers at the beleaguered Green Fuels (Pvt) Ltd in Chisumbanje Estates have appealed to Zewu for assistance to assure that they have a conducive working environment.

Green Fuels made the pleas during a tour of the company by Zewu national executive meeting recently.

Workers said there was rampant racism at the company which has since February been facing viability problems as the ethanol fuel has failed to attract demand on the local market.

“There is rampant racism here….we are daily being abused because of our skin colour.

Our whites counterparts are being promoted at the expense of blacks who have higher professional qualifications. We are appealing to you as our representatives to help nip racism in the bud,” said a worker.

The workers further accused management of interfering in trade unionism.

“Management here wants to coerce us in joining a trade union of their choice. For instance we are being instructed to join the Sugar union as Zewu is being viewed as  anti- mandatory blending.Some of the workers have since been victimized for being members of Zewu….we are being viewed as enemies of the company,” said another workers.

The workers noted that they have advised management that Zewu is their union for life.

The workers added:

“We are being forced to work overtime without  additional salary for the extra hours and we have nowhere to air our concerns. The other bone of contention is that management is siphoning workers money by forging tax  bands in order to ensure net salaries do not change when income tax is being reduced every year when the budget is being announced.

Contractors here are working for many months without being given permanent employment.”

Addressing the workers, Vice-president Mike Stima Ndl

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