IndustriALL holds an executive meeting in SA

The IndustriALL last week held an executive committee meeting where the regional strategic plan for 2013 to 2016 was adopted.
It was the pointed out that there was a need to build strong, democratic, independent, self-reliant and sustainable trade unions within the region so as, among other issues to be able to defend the rights and interests of workers.
The meeting expressed concern over continued repression by governments in Zimbabwe and Swaziland on labour unions.
“Zimbabwe and Swaziland have been identified as target countries in which to “give special attention and support to unions confronting repressive governments”. Yet our approach was in the past to focus at a political level on campaign work here.
In Swaziland, more effort needs to be directed at support for the federation effort on mergers involving our affiliates.In Zimbabwe, the split at federation level creates problems for solidarity and unity.The erosion of  bargaining power in Zimbabwe due to the hostile political environment is a serious problem affecting all our affiliates.We must engage with our affiliates and other stakeholders outside Zimbabwe to address these,”noted IndustriALL.
Other aspects under the strategic plan were, the need to organize and increase union membership, fight for trade union rights, fight against precarious work, build union power to confront global capital, promotion of industrial policy and sustainability, social justice and globalization and promotion of democracy and inclusiveness.

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