IndustriAll Train-the-trainer workshop

The Zimbabwe National Workers Union (ZEWU) also participated in the IndustriAll Train-the-trainer workshop held at the Rainbow Towers from 10-11 June 2016 where it managed to send three delegates.

The delegates included Cdes Christian Ranji, Samuel Rati and Phibion Chenyika.

The topics covered included;

  1. What is training?
  2. Setting clear objectives
  3. Monitoring and evaluation

At the end of the workshop a resolution was taken whereby IndustriAll is going to sponsor a cluster of 5 unions to jointly carry out organising activities.

The unions are ZEWU, National Engineering Workers Union (NEWU), National Mine Workers Union of Zimbabwe (NMWUZ), Zimbabwe Plastics, Chemicals and Allied Workers Union (ZPCAWU) and NUMAIZ.

The activities are starting in the month of July and will cover all provinces of the country.

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