Its high time to conclude ZINWA issue

President A. Chitambo

As the year draws to an end, ZEWU President Chitambo said a meeting must held to conclude the issue of 2012 ZINWA allowances, before embarking on the 2013 Collective Bargaining Agreement.

“As we are all aware, ZINWA won an arbitral award for a 50% increment in allowances but there was a quantification process, now we are waiting for the results.
That means we have to ensure that this issue should be concluded before the 2013 CBA,”she said.

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2 thoughts on “Its high time to conclude ZINWA issue

  1. E Chinguwa Reply

    Ko basa makatoregedza here President? Muzive kuti zvine maimplications kunesu varteveri sezvinotaurwa nebible “I will strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter”
    We know kuti hapana nyaya asi kana vanga kwanisa kumisa President weUnion (muti munyoro) kuzoti vanhuwo zvavo?

  2. Archibald Sono Reply

    Take heed therefore that the light which is in thee be not darkness.There is no progress but we need to exert mo wood to the fire we are ZEWU we hev achieved a lot together than when we are divided.

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