Legal Assistance Available To Membership

All are being reminded that it is the union’s responsibility and statutory mandate to avail all its members with competent representation at Disciplinary and Appeals Hearings and any such other forum as the case may be, whenever required.

The union also has recourse, if need arises, to enlist the services of Messrs Matsikidze and Mucheche Legal Practitioners to represent members at such fora as the High, Supreme and Constitutional Courts. However, this facility is only available through the union as it is strictly for labour related cases.

It is therefore important that all our members are kept informed of this facility and there should be no situation whereby any of our members appears before a Disciplinary Committee without representation.

Also note that the above mentioned services are available to our members wherever they are stationed in Zimbabwe.  Members must therefore approach their NEC members at the earliest opportunity whenever they have been notified of a hearing.





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