Masvingo International Women’s Day Commemorations

MASVINGO – Zimbabwe Energy Workers’ Union (ZEWU) commemorated the International Women’s Day in Masvingo on 7 March 2015 at Masvingo Sports Club.

The Women’s Day commemorations ran under the theme “Women Make It Happen: Empower Women And End Poverty”

The celebrations began with a march from the city centre to the Sports club with the brass band performing and marchers holding placards and banners.
The event was graced by Masvingo Mayor, Hubert Fidze, Councillor Mandava, ZEWU president, Angeline Chitambo, ZEWU general secretary Martin Chikuni, ZEWU NEC Member for Masvingo, Mr Matake, Mr Sibanda and his team from the New Start Centre.

The New Start Centre was invited to allow members testing and counselling on the sideline of the commemorations.

Masvingo Mayor urged women to stand up and make it happen in a bid to end poverty. He bemoaned the current economic situation bedevilling the country and extolled women who continue to work hard to bring food on the table and raise families.

ZEWU President addressed the gathering by highlighting certain issues affecting women both at home and at the workplace. She said that ZEWU as a union has achieved a lot including;

  • elimination of discrimination in recruitment between men and women
  • the formulation of policies that address the interests of women
  • continued education and training of women on their rights and obligations
  • participation in national and industrial programmes that address women issues.
  • equipping women with legal knowledge through a paralegal training
  • involvement of women in decision making bodies

“Women are hard workers compared to their counterparts. Women work out of love hence they are always there fending for their families. To that end I implore women to vote for other women so that there will be notable development,” said Mrs Chitambo to great applause.

President Chitambo also condemned the practise in which men abuse and harass women wearing miniskirts, sexual and physical abuse. She went on to say that the government must protect women since they are of the weaker sex.

She lambasted women who abuse their husbands in homes and urged all women to respect their husbands.

The commemorations were attended by women from various walks of life including ZEWU, ZETDC and ZESA

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