MPs leave Chifamba bruised and battered

Zimbabwe Energy Workers Union (ZEWU)

MPs leave Chifamba bruised and battered

ZESA chief executive officer Josh Chifamba shocked the Labour parliamentary committee on Monday after he boasted that he fired an employee after discovering that he did not tore his line.

However the ZESA boss got more than he bargained for after MPs openly told him that there was a management crisis at the company.

Appearing before the committee, Chifamba said:

“I fired an employee in our management committee after finding out that he did not serve our interests…takaona kuti aive asiri munhu wedu asi aimiririra zvido zvevashandi veZESA,”said Chifamba much to the amusement of legislators in the Labour committee.

This immediately raised the ire of Chiwundura House of Assembly member Kizito Chivamba who called the bemused Chifamba to stop indiscriminately firing of workers at ZESA.

“I am amazed by you (Chifamba), firing somebody is not the solution. An employee must be told his or her limits…when he or she must end and not just be fired.This action shows that there is some serious management problems in ZESA,”said the tough talking Chivamba.

The shell shocked Chifamba tried to justify his actions, but the Labour committee would have none of that, leaving the ZESA boss with an egg in the face.

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