Nyazika blasts ZESA

ZEWU General Secretary Tambaoga Nyazika has condemned ZESA management  for infringing upon workers’ right of freedom of expression and association by suspending employees protesting over salaries.Said Nyazika:

“On the issue of our suspended members, we have written ZESA Holdings and ZENT management ordering them to immediately withdraw the letters of suspensions and reinstate all our affected members without any strings attached.”

He added:

“This position by the employer was not only misdirected but hazardous to the whole industry.This poses an immediate threat to the existence of ZEWU and the Labour Act Chapter 28.01 section 104(4)(iii) (b) shall protect us in the event of the current protests degenerating into chaos.

Our fundamental right of freedom of expression and association is infringed upon.There is breach of our right to organize collective bargaining.

Surely this is a very sad chapter in the history of this government of national unity.Its intimidation of the high decree by the employer.”

Nyazika said they were looking forward to the withdrawal of the letters of suspension and unconditionally reinstate our affected members for purposes of production.

Currently the issue of suspensions is in the courts.

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