Huge chefs perk an act of financial terrorism

Zimbabwe Energy Workers Union (ZEWU)

The Zimbabwe Energy Workers Union (ZEWU) has welcome government’s decision to demand salary schedules Martin Chikuni, General Secretary - ZEWUfor all parastatals bosses who are reported to be earning ‘obscene’ salaries and allowances.

The union now feels vindicated because it has always raised these issues during collective bargaining, especially in the energy sector which is dominated by parastatals.

We are calling on government to appoint  forensic auditors from reputable  firms to   guard  against   being misled  by  most of these now jittery and heartless  managers  at these parastatals who can  avail  cooked  figures  to  conceal  the magnitude of  their acts of  ‘constructive’ thievery.

The union notes with regret that this revelation of unimaginable salaries, allowances and huge perks earned by top chefs, in a country almost at its knees, is an act of economic terrorism.

The perpetrators should not only be investigated, reprimanded or fired but should be prosecuted for economic sabotage.

This purge should  not  be limited to  chefs at parastatals only  but  should  be  extended  to all  sectors  of  industry, including the private  sector  whose  financial operations  are  largely opaque  and often shrouded in secrecy.

In comparison with salaries earned by top executives of companies in developed countries, our case set a bad example especially when the country is struggling to secure capital loans from the international community.

The union feels that this act of financial immorality by chefs has also been largely responsible for the country’s economic woes whose solution remains a pipe dream.

We are  also calling on the government to publish all the  salary and perks of   senior management of all parastatals  once  the information is made  available   because  this  is of public interests given that millions of  workers , graduates  and  school leavers, have been rendered jobless because of  high levels  of  economic crimes  such as  the awarding  of these obscene  salaries to a few heartless  and selfish individuals running public and private  enterprises in Zimbabwe.

Given this  scenario,  the union is calling on all stakeholders  to  lobby parliament to  pass  legislation  that  puts  a ceiling on  salaries  and perks  for  senior management at  all institutions and companies in the country, especially in our struggling  and collapsing parastatals. These laws should also stipulate the minimum wage acceptable for the lowest paid worker and the best option would be to use the Poverty Datum Line (PDL) as an acceptable benchmark.

This, we feel,  will  go a long  way in protecting  vulnerable  workers  against earning poverty wages  and  also ensuring that management  earn  realistic  salaries  which  do not  cripple  the operations of their respective  enterprises and cause further  damage to the country’s already ailing economy.

The union is also calling on all workers employed in parastatals and other companies in Zimbabwe to raise the flag if they observe management committing day light robbery by  awarding  themselves ‘out of this world’  salaries  and perks while the majority of workers are made to share crumbs.

In view of this, the government should rope in the police’s commercial crime unit to institute thorough investigations over other unethical business practices especially in parastatals where reports of   huge financial scandals have become the order of the day.

Martin Chikuni

ZEWU General Secretary




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