Sweetheart Union

We have learnt with great shock that the newly formed Energy Sector Workers Union of Zimbabwe (ESWUZ) is working in collaboration with management as if the leadership has never undergone basic trade union orientation. The involvement of management in organising their programmes is meant to manipulate them and one day they are bound to pay back. It is that time that the misguided workers realise that they have been sacrificed for the benefit of few selfish individuals.

A trade union is expected to be autonomous and free from interference by outsiders, including employers. Once employers interfere in the trade union, such a union is regarded as a “sweet heart” union which can be easily controlled by management. We wonder what really is the interest of management in facilitating meetings to the extent of writing a memorandum instructing workers to attend. If it is an independent organisation, why is it that management waste time and stationery writing to workers notifying them that there shall be a trade union meeting? Comrades; this is unheard of in the history of trade union movement.

We entirely believe that the newly formed trade union was created by management to neutralise the trade union strength and ensure that at the end of the day there are management spies who pretend to fight for the workers’ rights. Is this a trade union or a “trading union”?

Comrades, please find attached memorandum written by one of the company manager whom we believe is interested in the newly formed union. We have all along tried to seek permission to engage in basic trade union publicity programmes with resistance from the same management. There is selective treatment of trade union organisations which we strongly blame.

As we fight for justice, and the protection, promotion and advancement of workers’ rights in particular, it is necessary that we are fairly treated and given a level playing field. We are not fighting for any favour from management, but it is necessary to advise our members that they can be misled. We need to jealously fight for the existence of a united and strong trade union movement where members speak with one voice. Remember; unity is strength! United we stand and divided we fall!

We do not normally talk about other trade unions but this time we are forced to do so with the intention of protecting innocent workers from manipulation by unscrupulous individuals.

In workers’ struggle,

Martin Chikuni

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