The struggle must continue

The fight for a living wage must be intensified despite the continued victimization and harassment of workers by ZESA management.This was said by ZEWU Organising Secretary Joseph Charlie while giving an overview of labour hearings of ZESA workers who were suspended over allegations that they had embarked on industrial action.

“The quest for a living wage should not be taken away by capitalists who have changed face,”Charlie said.

“We should continue fighting and in such struggles you lose some comrades just as in the Marikana case where 45 comrades lost their lives….we should remain brave and refuse to be intimidated by employers,”he said.

Charlie gave an insight of progress on the ZESA labour hearings.

“In Mutare, 61 workers were initially suspended but 27 were reinstated unconditionally, with 34 remaining on suspension.Of these 34 workers, 25 were ZEWU members.

As we speak, 16 workers have been retained….so that means we now have nine outstanding cases.

In Chinhoyi, Kadoma, Mhangura and Karoi, 71 workers were suspended but they have since been called back to work with their hearings set to start next week,”he said.

Charlie concluded:

“ZEWU is grateful with the proceedings but we feel that in the Northern Region, the matters must be taken away from management.The managers in this region are overzealous for nothing…they want to frustrate the trade unions and destabilize the fight for a living wage.”

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One thought on “The struggle must continue

  1. Dennis Mukote Reply

    The Trade Union’s (ZEWU) fight and struggle for better salaries and working conditions ,is the same as the Chimurenga fight that His Exellency Cde R.G.Mugabe together with others led against imperialist ,Vasveta simba,Blood suckers,Mabhunu vailooter Zimbabwean Minerals,and our fetile land. The war was fought until victory was won.There were casualties during that process but they never looked back and we have casualties in our struggle for better wages and salaries against Zesa management.These managers are just wolfs in a goat skin,for there is no difference between them and the then imperialists.We will never look back on this issue until we get to the promised land.

    Zvakaoma Kudaro ndokubasa
    Kuti Zewu ndokuti Union
    Shinga Mushandi Shinga
    Bhadhara Mushandi Bhadhara
    Zora ZEWU Zora.

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