ZESA 2012 Collective bargaining dispute – Quantification

From General Secretary,

Retired Judge, Ebrahim, who is one of the 2012 CBA dispute arbitrators, has indicated that he will liaise with Professor Magadze (who is currently not around) and organise a meeting which will be attended by all social partners and legal practitioners from both sides under the auspices of NEC.

The meeting shall discuss the factors around quantification and how it would be carried out. If they are to carry out the exercise, every employee would have to be looked at individually, so that the tribunal decides what backpay is due to each.

If the arbitrators fail to carry out the exercise, the unions shall, as originally planned, forward the case to the Ministry of Labour for conciliation. Where parties fail to agree at conciliation, the matter shall appear before an arbitrator who is expected to quantify the award.
Meanwhile, the unions have gone a milestone in calculating what is due to each employee.

You shall be posted of any further development. Lets all remain resolute and continue fighting for our hard-earned money.

The struggle continues. Aluta continua!

Martin Chikuni

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