ZESA loses court case

Zimbabwe Energy Workers Union (ZEWU)

ZESA Holdings was today convicted of contravening the Labour Act by not complying to the registered Collective Bargaining Agreement-S1 50.In its findings, the court found ZESA wanting and have been found guilty.

Before giving ZESA the chance to mitigate…that’s to say out anything they feel the court need to know so that leniency may be passed on them, the magistrate said:

“We have found ZESA guilty of non-compliance to the SI 50 which compelled it to pay workers salaries increment for 2012.Facts against ZESA are overwhelming.

When the CBA negotiations were being done in 2012, ZESA was part of the table and was fully aware of the creation of SI 50.With this and all other facts tabled before this honourable court, the state proved beyond reasonable doubt that ZESA is found guilty.”

ZESA was given an opportunity to mitigate but their lawyer; one Maguchu began mumbling and rambling prompting the magistrate to rebuke him.

“Usataure ngano dzatsuro nagudo literally meaning don’t talk folk tales, but issue out facts…mitigation is different from giving closing submissions,”said the magistrate, much to the laughter of the packed court.

Standing in for the state, the prosecutor further nailed ZESA for deliberately refusing to give workers their dues, saying the company had committed a crime by contravening the Labour Act.

The once deaf, Garikai Murambiwa Churu who was in the dock, could be seen trembling with fear, his eyes being red!

What it means comrades is that the judgment has been passed…that Musvetasimba has been found guilty, the sentence will be passed on Monday 8 April 2013 at the Rotten Row Court at 1115.

Those who are in and around Harare, lets all come in numbers and show Musvetaropa, the blood sucker, the dictator, the monster that gone are the days when he takes workers for granted.

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3 thoughts on “ZESA loses court case

  1. kudakwashe Reply

    its high zra issue of SI # 1 of 2008 is concluded , we have suffered enough. go zewu go!

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