ZEWU, AVC CSC BIE sign milestone agreement


ZEWU has signed a cooperation agreement with Belgian based labour organization AVC CSC BIE that will enhance mutual relationship and closer support between the two unions.

The agreement was signed by President Chitambo and her counterpart Alfons De Potter recently.

The latest development comes shortly after De Potter’s invitation to ZEWU strategic planning workshop held in Nyanga in February.

The two unions agreed to have an exchange of views at regular intervals about energy issues worldwide, to exchange experience between the representatives of both organizations in relation to socio-economic matters and environmental protection on the fringe of the activities of IndustriALL, to continuously exchange information on trade union activities via email and to exchange information about the content of collective bargaining agreements.

The two unions concurred that where there are interfaces, they will cooperate actively on the creation of global networks in multi-national companies, to work together to make an active contribution to the IndustriALL energy conference, to inform each other about trade union campaigns being carried out and where necessary support each other via awareness raising, information sessions, petitions, demonstrations and lastly to inlvolve activists in this cooperation.

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