ZEWU National Youth Policy

The compilation of this Policy is testimony to the importance that ZEWU attaches to the inclusive involvement of all its structures in the development and growth of the organization.

The Policy takes note and places importance on the young workers who represent the future as the trade union movement has to exist in perpetuity. The Policy also instills and inculcates the ZEWU values in doing things in a systematic and consistent manner that defines brand ZEWU.

The Policy is a vehicle to tap into the young workers’ abundant skills based on the vibrancy and vigour that is inherent in young workers. It is clear that young workers will be the most reliable agents in breaking the apathy in young workers in trade union activism and thus recruit them into the union structures.

The Policy is one of the strategies for ZEWU to make meaningful inroads into the over five thousand unorganized workers within the ZEWU constituency as there is need to intensify the organizing drive so as to boost membership as well as ensuring that workers have access to decent work and fair labour standards.

The rationale of formulating the Policy is also in keeping with modern global general trends, wherein the thrust is on inclusive development. The youth are a repository of the rich history of ZEWU. They, therefore, as torch bearers into the future, need the Policy as a torch to lead them.

ZEWU prides itself in having an informed, enlightened and focused youth structure which shall be guided by the Policy to pursue its roles and functions to the benefits of all members of the union. With this very clear Policy, members are assured that the future of the union is in safe and capable hands as the Policy is the compass which will give direction to the youth at all times.

The Policy engenders an environment conducive to inclusive growth of ZEWU wherein all its structures contribute in their respective capacities towards the realization of the union’s set goals and objectives.




Download the ZEWU NATIONAL POLICY here

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