ZEWU & NEWUZ: Zesa 2012 CBA Dispute

It is now apparent that by the deadline date, 15 March 2015 given by the arbitral award, Zesa has failed, refused or neglected to implement the 2012 Collective bargaining agreement in terms of the award.

Evidence at hand reveals that Zesa management has forced some employees to sign for the so called settlement offer in full and final settlement of the 2012 collective bargaining issue. The High Court has already confirmed the illegality of the Zesa’s action as previously advised by ourselves.


In the circumstances, your unions have resolved as follows:


  1. All workers who were forced to sign the so called settlement offers depose to affidavits averring that they signed the forms under duress and undue influence and lodge them with the General Secretary of their respective unions. The Unions shall use these affidavits in claiming the remainder of their entitlements.


  1. That our lawyers be instructed to register the 2012 arbitral award for the purpose of enforcement.


  1. That there be nationwide demonstrations in terms of the schedule and details annexed to this memo.


  1. That there be an effective & lawful collective job action on the 25th & 26th of March 2015.


  1. That the demonstrations and the collective job action be of an incremental nature depending on Zesa’s response and shall continue until Zesa complies with the law.

Due notice to resort to collective job action has been given to Zesa and to Nec as required by the law.

It is imperative that we urge you all to participate in these lawful actions in order to secure our rights.






Martin Chikuni                                                           Thomas Masvinge

General Sectretary (Zewu).                                   Secretary General (Newuz)

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