ZEWU urges ZESA to comply


ZEWU has urged the chief executive officer of ZESA, Josh Chifamba to abide with a court ruling that said the parastatal had not complied with SI 50 of 2012 and therefore had to award workers salary increments for 2012.

Apparently under Chifamba’s instructions,ZESA managers have in the past weeks been threatening workers committees countrywide to go and sign for the offer of 70% of the NEC rates for 2012.

Reports were also that ZEWU was urging workers to refuse signing for the 70% of the NEC rates.

In a statement, ZEWU Acting General Secretary, Mbonisi Sibanda said:

“This is shallow propaganda which is uncalled for, malicious and constitutes an unfair labour practice as it amounts to interference in trade union business as the 70% offer must be paid on a without prejudice basis and without ransom demands.When ZESA paid wrong salary scales whom did they consult?”

Sibanda added:

“It is therefore important to highlight to members, it is not true ZEWU ever refused that ZESA pays workers 70% of the NEC rates for 2012. ZEWU refused that workers’ salaries will not increase to the NEC scales for 2013 and that we must be sell outs and sign an agreement to cancel the 2012 CBA which was signed by our President Angeline Chitambo and gazetted as SI50 of 2012.”

Sibanda said it was important to understand that Chifamba and his management wants to create division using workers committees inorder to destroy the union and create a new yellow union that will jump to their instructions.

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