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ZEWU has opened up a funeral bereavement facility where  the members’ families are given assistance when a union member passes on.

ZEWU national executive agreed that the union give $100 as chema to cater for funeral expenses.

 The members’ family can approach branch officials or the national executive members so that they can be assisted.

Acting General Secretary, Mbonisi Sibanda

Said ZEWU Acting General Secretary Mbonisi Sibanda:

“Although death is a distasteful issue to talk about, it is caring and responsive when ZEWU gives a member’s surviving spouse or children the assistance of $100.Its not about the figure but the intention of the giver.

“The ZEWU national executive members made the suggestion and concurred. Its just did not make good sense for branch officials or national leadership to attend funerals empty handed.ZEWU being the union of choice has got it right.”



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