ZEWU young worker takes part in BWI youths festival

A ZEWU young worker, based in Gweru, Ratidzai Mutabeni recently participated at BWI youths festival held in Mierhofen, Germany.

The festival which took place under the theme Lets go and built the future was held from 13 to 15 June  2013 with 370 young workers from all over the globe taking part.

“For me it was an eye opener as 19 participants from Africa participated in the festival which was opened by BWI President Klous Wiesehugel,”Said Mutabeni.

“As participants, we were divided into groups where we discussed keys issues among them socio-economic problems facing the youths in their respective countries and how international trade organizations can assist young workers in overcoming challenges.

Basically African young workers touched on the impact of HIV and AIDS on their livelihoods, youth vocation and training.

“There were five resolutions that were passed among them promotion of youths in trade unions, promoting and maintaining systems of education and training, fighting precarious employment, using the power of solidarity in trade unionism, assisting young people to work in healthy and safe environments and fighting discrimination in any shape or form.However these resolutions will be amended at our  December congress in Thailand,”said Mutambeni.

She added:

“After groups participation we had an opportunity to have sports and leisure and I participated in volleyball….it was indeed  wonderful experience to me.”

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