ZEWU Youth Communique

We the ZEWU Youth representing all youth in the entire Energy Sector, having met at Village Inn in Nyanga, from the 11th to the 14th of December 2014 in the presence of the IndustriAll a global union and comrades from the region (National Union of Mineworkers South Africa, MUN-Namibia,) and unions within Zimbabwe (PTUZ, CASWUZ, ZLSAWU, MPWUZ) having observed the arrogance of the employers and the mushrooming of the yellow unions in the energy sector; We therefore have resolved to embark on mass demonstrations around the country for our union ( ZEWU) to be respected and to defend workers demands.

We strongly appreciate the action taken by the President by removing the corrupt ministers in the energy sector, we therefore demand:

  1. The immediate resignation of Mr J Chifamba (The Chief Executive Officer of ZESA) for
    • Being involved in funding corrupt activities which is an abuse of office, as indicated by the fired minister of Energy.
    • Refusing to pay the workers their 2012 salaries arising from the 2012 Collective Bargaining Agreement and instead he is paying huge sums of money in furtherance of his political affiliations. We therefore demand that the Board and the new minister ensure the immediate implementation of the 2012 CBA.
  2. We demand that all boards running the affairs of the parastatals be effective.
  3.  ZINWA pays up arrear salaries which are due to the employees.
  4.  Petrozim line should stop victimization of employees for claiming overtime due to them.
  5.  That Green Fuels stop abuse of workers and start respecting labour and trade union rights.
  6.  That the President of ZEWU should be reinstated with immediate effect.
  7.  All employers in the Energy Sector remit union dues which are our monthly contributions to the union. There is no legal basis for the employers to criminally withhold our subscriptions.

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