Workers can become ZEWU members if they work in the energy sector that is in companies under ZESA eg Zimbabwe Electricity Distribution and Transmission Company, Zimbabwe Power Company, Rural Electrification Agency, Zesa Enterprises, Zimbabwe National Water Authority, PowerTel, Petrotrade, National Oil Company, PetroZimline, CPMZ and Zambezi River Authority.
They can fill in a stop order membership form that is on this website or come to our offices in either Harare and Bulawayo to fill the forms.

Benefits of being a ZEWU member
There are a lot of benefits to be enjoyed by a ZEWU member.
A member will be legally be represented on work disciplinary hearings, training on health, safety, HIV and AIDS.There is also training on labour rights at workplaces.
Members will also be able to enjoy project ventures such as cellphones and laptops schemes.

Procedures to take if a ZEWU member is ill-treated at workplace
The first action to take if a worker is unfairly treated at the workplace is to report the matter to the immediate superior and then to the head of department.
If the matter is not resolved then it is imperative to take up the issue to the managing director of the company.
If the issue is not amicably resolved, then it may be taken to the Ministry of Labour.
If again there is no solution the courts of law such as the High Court and the Supreme Court may be approached.
Zewu assistance usually comes in if the matter is taken to the head of department.

Challenges being faced by ZEWU
Basically the main challenge being faced by the Union is government interference in the operations of ZEWU.
There have been also cases of political interference of political parties or individuals who are sponsoring splinterism.

Achievements of ZEWU
The Union has managed to score numerous achievements since its formation in 1987.
Apart from successfully managing to provide legal assistance to unfairly members, the union has been able to purchase some assets.
ZEWU has been able to purchase a stand of its own at number 84 Meyrick Park, Mabelreign, Harare.
Plans are in the pipeline to establish at labour college at the stand.
The Union has also managed to purchase a fleet of vehicles comprising of  two Toyotas and a minibus.
Members over the years have also been able to be distributed t-shirts, free of charge.
The union has brought into place a laptop  and cellphone scheme for the members.

Workers’ Rights
It is imperative that ZEWU members know their rights.
The following are some of the workers rights.
-the right to form or join a union of their choice
-the right to bargain collectively
-the right for fair representation
-the right to freedom of association and assembly
-the right to fair labour practice
-the right to health and safety
-the right to decent work