Hwange Branch Leadership Training 18 -19 February 2017: Report

The training was conducted on 18 – 19 February 2017, at the Baobab Hotel in Hwange.



  1. A Chitambo
  2. M.S. Ndlovu
  3. Mugabe
  4. Sirivha
  5. Nkala
  6. Shotere

Area Leadership

  1. Chizanga (NEC Member)
  2. Zvomuya (NWAC Member)
  3. Shoko (NYWAC Org. Secretary)


  1. Sibanda (Assistant General Secretary)
  2. Chenyika (Education and Training Officer)

Resource Persons

The workshop was jointly conducted by comrades Chitambo, Sibanda and Chenyika.


The following participants who were drawn from the main branch, youth and women structures attended;
Samukheliso Ndlovu
Isaac Marata
Elemencia Zvomuya
Ruth Chiyani
Lucy Banda
Amos Gurumani
Godwell Kunedzimwe
Patronella Lubinda
Edmore Hove
Mehluli Thebe
Gladys Sibanda
Lilian Zimhungu
Nomagugu Makhetho
Peter Mhaka
Morrison Mafa
Chalila Ndlovu
Lackson Sithole
Shamiso Ncube
Clemencia Sibanda
Nomalanga Dzana
Fungai Mpala
Melody Mahachi
Namatirai Ruguva
Sylvanos Moyo

Opening of the Workshop

The National Executive Committee member, comrade M. Chizanga officially welcomed everyone to Hwange as well as to the workshop.

The President then officially opened the workshop and urged everyone to participate, learn from each other’s experience and also mingle across the structures.

The 1st VP, comrade M.S. Ndlovu then outlined the workshop objectives as follows;

That, at the end of the workshop, the participants were expected to be;

  • Familiarized with the history and structures of ZEWU
  • Oriented in the provisions of the ZEWU Constitution, Mission, Vision and Values
  • Inducted into their roles and functions as defined by the ZEWU Constitution
  • Empowered with skills and the ability to represent members at Disciplinary Hearings
  • Familiarized with the sources of labour legislation and the application thereof

Workshop Content

Participants were taken through the following topics;

  • The History of Trade Unions – Overview
  • The History, Structures and Constitution of ZEWU
  • Leadership
  • Organizing
  • Trade Union/ Workers’ Committee and the Trade Union
  • Representing a member at a Disciplinary Hearing
  • Grievance Handling
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Conducting a Formal meeting

The workshop was conducted with a variety of methodologies that ranged from discussion, lecture, plenary and case study. The participants were divided into groups and given tasks to discuss and then make presentations that were then shared as a group.

Workshop Impact
The feedback from the individuals as well as group plenary indicated that the course had had a positive impact on the participants. There was a lot of enthusiasm and participation by all participants who related the subject matter to the reality at the workplace. A lot of interest and excitement was shown in such topics as Disciplinary Hearings, Health and Safety and the History of ZEWU.
It is evident from the workshop that this constituency needs more specialized training in the following areas;

Health and Safety

The area is home to heavy duty operations that are characterized by health hazards and there is need therefore to come up with tailor made health and safety training sessions especially on mechanical and chemical hazards.


The constituency has a number of non- union members and it is essential to sharpen the Branch’s organizing skills so that they are able to recruit some new members from the potential across ZPC, ZETDC and ZINWA. It is also important that the Branch be able to service members in the vast constituency.


The Branch needs more exposure on issues to do with representation of members at Disciplinary Hearings. This is important as it will broaden the union’s capacity to deal with matters at the local level.


The facilitators are most indebted for the support given to the project by all. It was one such workshop that was attended by the full leadership and benefitted a lot from the views and input made by the Presidium throughout the two days of the workshop.




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