Industriall Brief And Diary

ZEWU, as part and parcel of IndustriALL Global Union, has always participated in this global worker movement’s programmes and activities across the world. Zimbabwe falls under the Sub Saharan Africa Region of IndustriALL. The IndustriALL affiliates in Zimbabwe are; Zimbabwe Energy Workers’ Union (ZEWU), National Engineering Workers’ Union (NEWU), Zimbabwe Leather and Shoe Workers’ Union,(ZLSWU), National Union of the Clothing Industry (NUCI). Textile Workers’ Union of Zimbabwe (TWUZ), Zimbabwe Chemical, Plastics and Allied Workers’ Union (ZCPAWU), National Mine Workers’ Union of Zimbabwe (NMWUZ) and National Union of Motor and Allied Industry of Zimbabwe (NUMAIZ)

IndustriALL recently held its elective Conference in Brazil, ZEWU and the above mentioned Zimbabwe affiliates attended. At the Conference, our very own, one and only, comrade Angeline Chitambo, the ZEWU President, was elected to be Co- Chairperson of the Sub- Saharan Africa Region! She is also an Executive Committee member of IndustriALL Global Union.

Zimbabwe is honoured to have been chosen to host this year’s Sub- Saharan Africa Region Executive Committee meeting. The meeting shall be held at the Cresta Msasa Lodge in Harare on the 30th of March 2017. In attendance shall be Sub- Saharan Africa Region Executive Committee members, officers from the Regional Office in Johannesburg, officials from the IndustriALL Head Office and all local affiliates. The main focus of the meeting which shall also be addressed by the Zimbabwe Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Wefare, shall be to strategize on the way forward on the workers’ struggle in the Region especially on such topics as Union Building, Decent Work Agenda, Fighting Precarious Work and Industrialization.

Our region is currently afflicted by job losses caused by company closures as the Region suffers from severe deindustrialization. It is therefore expected that the meeting will be able to come up with resolutions that will guide the Region in placing Africa’s Industrialization as an item on the agenda of our governments.

As IndustriALL is inclusive in its approach, there shall also be running, on the sidelines of the EXCO Meeting, the IndusriALL Women’s Executive Committee meeting and the IndustriALL Young Workers’ Training on Trade Unionism and Labour Legislation in Zimbabwe.

IndustriALL is also running a joint organizing project wherein it is assisting affiliates with financial assistance to recruit membership. The project which started as a pilot run with five unions will this year embrace all the affiliates. There is also a Young Workers’ programme that shall be running this year.

Viva ZEWU viva IndustriALL !!!!


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