IndustriALL Deputy General Secretary visits Zewu

The IndustriALL Deputy General Secretary Fernando Lopes this week visited Zewu national headquarters in Harare on a fact finding mission of the salaries impasse with ZESA management and also on the victimization of Union members and union leadership.Addressing a meeting at Zewu offices in Harare soon after Lopes’ arrival, President Chitambo chronicled the issues that led to her dismissal from work, suspension and acquittal of national executive member Tariro Shumba and the lengthy suspension without a hearing of national executive member Dennis Mukote.
“I was fired from work on allegations that l addressed a press conference demanding that ZESA abide by the arbitral award failure of which there would be electricity blackout.
Those were the same allegations levelled against Shumba and Mukote….but the truth is that none of us addressed that press conference in question. It was just a case of victimization by the employer,” said President Chitambo.
Responding to the issue Lopes said IndustriALL would assist to its best ability to resolve the matter involving victimisation of workers and that one of the on-going salary impasse.
“We would do all we can to resolve the issue of unfair victimization and the case of salaries dispute,” he said.
Lopes who flew into Harare from Geneva, Switzerland is a Brazilian by birth.

IndustriALL was formed in June this year as a result of an amalgamation of three federations

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