Mine workers union blasts ZESA

Zimbabwe Energy Workers Union (ZEWU)

The Associated Mine Workers Union of Zimbabwe has accused Zesa for the gross labour rights violations that have become prevalent at the parastatal.

In a letter written by the union’s President T Ruzive addressed to ZESA boss Josh Chifamba, AMWUZ said they were deeply concerned about the on going labour violations at ZESA that resulted in 135 workers being suspended for allegedly threatening to strike.

Read the letter:

“Whilst workers have been reinstated, three workers facing the same charge as the rest have been dismissed and have not been granted appeal hearings.Most of workers who have returned to work after being suspended for more than two months, have not received their pay for their suspension period.

“As an affiliate of IndustriALL Global Union, we are outraged that Angeline Chitambo, President of our sister union, ZEWU has been dismissed by ZESA without a fair hearing. Dennis Mukote, another ZEWU member remains suspended.”

AMWUZ said it was sad to note that ZESA continues to disregard the arbitral ruling that compelled the parastatal to pay workers salary increments.

“ZESA also continues to disregard an arbitration ruling, which entitles workers to a fair wage increase and is central to the current issues at ZESA……we urge ZESA to engage the union to resolve these issues in a fair and just manner, reinstate all suspended workers, respect the arbitration award and give workers the wage increase due to them and discontinue anti-union activities that include the victimization of union leadership, with immediate effect.”

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