Mukote’s case referred to an arbitrator

Zimbabwe Energy Workers Union (ZEWU)
The case of national executive member, Dennis Mukote who was suspended from work in unlawful and unfair circumstances in July, has been referred to an arbitrator.
Mukote who works at ZEDTC (Norton) was suspended on 12 July after being accused of addressing a press conference three days earlier alongside President Chitambo and Tariro Shumba in July in which they were alleged to have incited ZESA workers to switch off power if the employer refused to give them salaries increments.
ZEWU realized that more than101 days had elapsed before Mukote was called to stand before a disciplinary hearing. Section 101 subsection 6 of the Labour Act provides that if a matter is not resolved within 30 days, either party can refer the matter to the Ministry of Labour.
Again ZESA violated the company code which states that no employee shall go beyond 14 days on suspension without salary and benefits.
The matter went for conciliation on 24 October before it was referred for arbitration. The arbitrator for the case has been appointed.
National Organizing Secretary Joseph Charlie is representing Mukote while AK Maguchu from Dube, Manikai, Hwacha law firm is standing in for ZESA.

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2 thoughts on “Mukote’s case referred to an arbitrator

  1. Dennis Mukote Reply

    Zora butter chete,panoti zewu
    ndopanoti union.Inguva chete
    zesa irikundi chengetera
    cash.Justice will prevail at last,and he who laughs last
    laughs longest.Sungano pazewu ipapo,hatimbokundwa neshiri.dzakatsvaga tutsotso,dzikavaka dendere,kwava kukandira mazai,dzikatsotsonya tunyana kwabva twaita sungano,singing zvangu nemufaro,Zewu woyeeeee.Kochekera,koche.

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