National Council resolutions

ZEWU Presidium in 2016

For the first time since Congress in 2016, the National Council which is the highest decision-making body of the union in between congresses, met on the 15th of April 2018 in Kariba at Cutty Sark Hotel.

Below are key resolutions made by the National Council;

  1. Council unanimously endorsed the decision taken by the National Executive Committee to remove Mrs. Angeline Chitambo from the position of ZEWU President and to be replaced by Mike Steemar Ndlovu on an acting capacity.
  2. Council endorsed the measures and efforts taken by the Management Committee, so far, to recover the ZEWU vehicle (Fortuner) and any other union assets from the former President Angeline Chitambo.
  3. Council endorsed the registration of a holding company and members’ inputs would be taken into account as to the types of business models. The Council further unanimously resolved that the ZEWU company called Amalungelo/Kodzero Kuvashandi Investments Private Limited must start operating and engage in the business of building and hardware materials, driving schools to name but a few.
  4. Council resolved that training be intensified at all levels to empower members. In the past two years the union concentrated on branch leadership training and the momentum should be maintained.
  5. Council resolved to support all efforts being made by the office, both legal and political, to resolve the outstanding disputes including the ZESA 2012 CBA, EMA low salaries and allowances, ZPC excess hours and ZINWA 50% housing allowance.
  6. Council resolved to assign the Management Committee to consider joining such funeral assistance facilities e.g. ECOSURE, that will benefit members in a much bigger way than the current $100.00. The $100.00 assistance would however remain in place as chema that the union gives to the bereaved family.
  7. Council resolved that development of the union stand be intensified and at the moment, the place be spruced up for other commercial uses e.g. weddings and selling of roofing trusses and poles pending construction of the college as resolved by Congress.

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