President Chitambo dismissed, Mukote’s case pending, Shumba acquitted

In a typical example of gross unfair dismissal, Zewu President Angeline Chitambo was recently dismissed from ZEDTC despite the fact that the hearing committee had failed to make a ruling on gross procedural irregularities.Chitambo alongside national executive members, Dennis Mukote and Tariro Shumba were in July suspended from work following allegations that they appeared in the press threatening to plunge the country into darkness if the employer refuse to comply with the 2012 Collective Bargaining Agreement and Arbitral award to the same agreement.

What is shocking about her case is that, she was dismissed in spite of that the hearing committee on her matter had failed to make a ruling on a list of procedural irregularities raised. Furthermore, the merits of this case have not been heard and ZEDTC saw it fit to dehumanize the President by dismissing her before plea.

It must be noted that the group of three managers and the chairman masquerading as a committee sat and made that ruling upon the advice from the secretary of the ‘committee’.

That secretary is the ZEDTC company secretary.

National executive member Mukote was suspended on 12 July 2012 and three months later, he is still on suspension. The ZETDC northern region has failed to hear his case with no explanation being given.

Our assumption as Zewu is that the employer is failing to swallow his pride and allow a hearing to take place. By denying Mukote a hearing, it shows that the employer has committed a serious case of unfair labour practice and a total disregard of the code of conduct and Labour Act.

However Mukote’s case has since been taken to the labour court where we expect justice to prevail.

Shumba who was suspended alongside Chitambo and Mukote on 13 July 2012 has since been acquitted and is now back at work.

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