President’s beginning of year address

ZEWU President, Angeline ChitamboOn behalf of the ZEWU leadership, let me congratulate all members for getting into 2014. We thank God for 2013 and ask for His intervention as we engage 2014. It is necessary that as we start a new year, reflect on the past, assess the present and develop a workplan from an informed position. Comrades, the economic situation is on a challenging situation and the worker is most likely to be the one most affected. I therefore urge all members to remain united and vigilantly fight for their rights with one voice.

We should remember that united we stand and divided we fall. The enemy always make determined and conceited efforts to ensure division to weaken us and reduce our relevance to working class and the rest of the society.

I am pleased that there was unity of purpose in all our operations which led to the successful convening of the National Council meeting on 20 and 22 November 2013 under the theme “PROTECT, DEFEND AND ADVANCE”. This theme came against an unprecedented backslash by employers.

My speech shall give an outline of issues at stake and recommend the way forward. I hope that this information is important to members.

Job losses, retrenchment, death, resignation and low salaries continue to affect our membership. In an effort to distablise the union, some managers are interfering and threatening workers for participating in union activities are sponsoring splinter unions. I am really impressed that despite adverse conditions, ZEWU remains a strong and united organisation.

This is an excerpt of ZEWU President, Mrs Chitambo’s beginning of year message to all members. You can download the document below but note its too big. (29mb) We will compress and upload a smaller file.


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