Relocation of workers barbaric

The Zimbabwe Energy Workers Union (ZEWU) has expressed concern over what it calls blatant harassment and victimization of workers in Harare environs customer services centre by ZESA management.In a letter addressed to the ZESA general manager Northern Region dated 25 September 2012, ZEWU Acting General Secretary Mbonisi Sibanda said several ultimatums and threats have been served by various ZESA managers to the workers of Harare environs customer services centre in an attempt to relocate them to the inhabitable Juru growth point complex.

Read part of the letter:

“I have to advise you that you need to warn your managers who have been on the war front with the workers in trying to force them to move to that complex without consulting them that they are out of order and should forthwith stop terrorizing employees and militarizing the workplace to such ridiculous levels.

“We hope that these overzealous managers have not at all had your blessings as it is a disgrace and gross violation for any manager worth his salt to want to move workers to a complex which has a licensed beer bar in the same fence as the intended offices and workshops.”

Sibanda said the complex where workers are supposed to move in does not have all the roof sheets intact-a safety hazard to employees.

“We will not hesitate to call in the NSSA inspector and the press should your overzealousness managers remain defiant,” he said.

He pointed out that this manner of dealing with workers contravenes section 2A of the Labour Act Chapter 28:01 which stipulates that workers be consulted where there are major changes at the workplace.

Sibanda said relocating the workers exposes their families to the dangers of HIV and AIDS and poses a threat to their marriages.

“There is need for the management to provide daily transport to and from work if they cannot source accommodation at Juru growth point… should have at least engaged workers before rushing making decisions,” he said.

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