Special National Council meeting

Zimbabwe Energy Workers Union (ZEWU) held a Special National Council meeting at T. P. Rukawo Motel Chegutu on 5th July 2014 to look at amendments of its  constitution before  the National Congress.  The event followed the Bulawayo National Council meeting of 21-22 November 2013 which resolved that  branches shall look at the organization’s  constitution and recommend amendments which would be compiled by the Legal committee.  The Legal committee under  the chairmanship of the  Vice President, Mike Steemar Ndlovu Compiled the recommendations and incorporated them into the constitution.  The Legal committee presented the draft to the National Executive Committee and then National Council.

The union sent a clear message to bogus unions and other anti-ZEWU organisations warning them to cease interfering with its affairs.  ZEWU is an independent organization with true Trade Union ideological thinking which should be respected.  Hence the Special Council was held under the Theme “Hands Off ZEWU” .  Those unions which pretend to represent workers yet they are agents of management should know that the truth shall be revealed .  They should not take workers for granted and lead them astray.

Having deliberated on the amendments to the constitution, the council agreed that the union should call for a National Youth conference first before congress as the Youth Leadership must attend the congress with voting rights. It was then resolved that the National Youth Conference be held in December 2014 and then National Congress be looked at later as the current team was still driving the union in the right direction.

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  1. Bright Chibvuri Reply

    Keep up the good work comrades. Despite challenges brought by management and other anti-ZEWU agents you will thrive.

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