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Martin Chikuni and Mike Stima Ndlovu attending a conference

After ushering in a new dispensation in April this year, the union became stronger both administratively and politically. As secretariat, we applaud leadership for working tirelessly to further the development of the organisation.

One of the major challenges that the union is facing is the employer’s intransigence in reviewing salaries for workers in the energy sector.

Following a deadlock on 2015-17 salary negotiations, the NEC Secretariat forwarded the case to the Ministry of Labour for conciliation and compulsory arbitration which have so far proved to be slow and inefficient. Strategies are therefore required to ensure that the current oppressive stance is reversed.

I am however happy to report the successful negotiations by some of the companies in the energy sector and it is our hope that the progressive sprit shall be maintained.

The union is fighting for a Cost of Living Adjustment across all our sectors to cushion workers against price hikes but contrary, employers have indicated that they do not have any mandate, hence requested to consult their principals. This is a lame excuse and therefore aggressive methods of confronting these issues must be employed.

To date, we have trained all constituted branches with the exception of the Chinhoyi branch which is awaiting reorganization. Specialized training programmes will also be undertaken and these include train the trainer course, health & safety and paralegal training. The education committee is also working on reviewing the education manual.

A massive organizing programme has been rolled up to update members on issues of their interest within their respective companies as well as increasing their knowledge on their rights at the workplace especially on labour legislation,  CBAs and dispute resolution.

Among other issues, the union is happy to report that progress has started at the Meyrick Park stand with the perimeter wall expected to be completed by October this year.

On the global arena some members of the leadership attended international conferences and this has a significant impact in strengthening our union by creating networks with fraternal organisations to share ideas and experiences.

Some of the activities that the union is pursuing are reported in this issue of The Connector and we are happy that we have decided to resuscitate this magazine to help us disseminate vital information to our members.

I therefore urge you comrades, to continue with the spirit of togetherness as we aim to define and position our union to be a force to reckon with in the energy industry.  Enjoy your reading.

Martin Chikuni


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