Union establishes information resource centre

In a bid to capacitate its membership, the Zimbabwe Energy Workers Union (ZEWU) has established an infomation resource centre at its head office.

The infomation centre will stock labour related information material which will help members increase their understanding of labour issues and other matters which affect their welfare.

The information centre will stock material on politics, economics, labour, gender developments, human rights, and media among other relevant topics.

Resources permitting, the facility will acquire academic books that will be used by some of the members pursuing Ordinary and advanced level studies.

Once completed, members will now access the facility on their spare time and can borrow books which they will return on an agreed period.

The general secretary of ZEWU, Martin Chikuni said the idea to establish the information resource centre came after realizing that most of the members need capacity to understand labour issues.

He said the project is a way of given back to the membership who for a long time have been yeaning for a such a facility.

“On behalf of the national executive we would like to inform members that we will soon have an information resource centre of our own.

Currently the union is sourcing information materials from fratenal organisations and plans are underway to establish a similar facility at its regional office in Bulawayo.

“We have plans to officially launch this project and by then its will be open for use by members. The union is excited by this project which will make a huge impact in enhancing the capacity of the membership,” said Chikuni

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