Union puts COLA proposals

Zimbabwe Energy Workers Union (ZEWU)

In an effort to cushion workers from the depleted incomes, the Zimbabwe Energy Workers Union (ZEWU) has tabled its proposals for a Cost of living Adjustment to the National Employment Council for Zimbabwe Energy Industries covering all workers under its jurisdiction.
The proposals were also made to the ZINWA and EMA works councils and members of management of the two entities are in the process of making consultations with their principals.
The COLA proposal for our members across the board is motivated by an impasse in salary reviews for the period stretching between 2014 and 2018 as well as the continued and unmitigated escalation of the cost of living which has been on a steep rise since the last quarter of 2017.
ZEWU General Secretary Martin Chikuni said the salary review impasse has subjected workers to abject poverty and their salaries have been eroded by the unsustainable pricing regime.
“The dynamics on the pricing regime has plunged the employees into abject poverty and placed them into the category of the working poor. The fact that employees continue to report for duty and avail their labour is clearly the case of patriotism and sacrifice and the employers should not allow this pathetic state of affairs to continue unattended, any longer,” Chikuni said.
In recent months the Zimbabwean economy has experienced a flurry of price hikes on all basic commodities and services accelerated by the unofficial devaluation of the bond currency to the USD and the Rand.
The foregoing has been exacerbated by the anarchy in the multiple pricing models prevailing in the market where there now exists, at least, a five-tier pricing system based on the USD, the RTGS, the bond currency, eco-cash and the POS facility.
“All the above point to the rise in the poverty datum line which is now around $600.00 for the average family and considering the industry levels of salaries, this clearly demonstrates how difficult the employees’ lives have become,” he said.
Given this development, the prices of most basic commodities have trebled over the past five months and, depending on the currency or mode of transacting, and may in fact have quadrupled. The same phenomenon is also applicable to services such as transport and medication.
Chikuni said the employers in the industry should emulate government which awarded its employees a 15 percent wage hike across the board to cushion them against these unabated price hikes.
“The Employers’ party should therefore be progressive, accordingly follow government route and offer its employees reasonable salary adjustments as a matter of urgency,” Chikuni added.
He said employers should take judicial notice of the employees’ right to a reasonable and fair wage as enshrined at section 65 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe which gives the employees, through their representatives, the right to engage in negotiations to “mitigate the cost of living”.

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