Update On Trade Union Congress Of Zimbabwe

To : All Nec Members & Branch Members
From : The General Secretary
Date : 16 May 2017
Subject : Update On Trade Union Congress Of Zimbabwe (TUCZ)

All structures are being respectfully appraised on developments on the above subject matter.

The former Concerned Affiliates Trade Unions that were expelled from the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU), having been requested by their respective memberships, came together and formed, initially, the Congress of Zimbabwe Trade Unions (COZITU).

The unions then transformed COZITU into the Trade Union Congress of Zimbabwe (TUCZ) when they made an application for registration. The name changed and application for registration was successful. TUCZ has now been registered as a fully fledged trade union federation in terms of the law by the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare.

The unions that form TUCZ, as of now, are as follows;

Zimbabwe Energy Workers’ Union (ZEWU)
Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ)
Zimbabwe Graphical Workers’ Union (ZGWU)
College Lecturers’ Association of Zimbabwe (COLAZ)
Zimbabwe Rural Councils Workers’ Union (ZRCWU)
National Airways Workers’ Union (NAWU)
Communications and Allied Services Workers’ Union of Zimbabwe (CASWUZ)
Commercial and Allied Workers’ Union of Zimbabwe (CAWUZ)
Medical Profession and Allied Workers’ Union of Zimbabwe (MPAWUZ)
Civil Servants Employees’ Association (CSEA)

The affiliates have put in place an interim leadership team to run the affairs of TUCZ pending the holding of an elective congress, as follows;

President – A. Chitambo (ZEWU)
1st Vice President – N. Mukomberanwa (ZGWU)
2nd Vice President – C. Nkala (CASWUZ)
General Secretary – R. Majongwe (PTUZ)
1st Vice General Secretary – F. Mpango (CAWUZ)
2nd Vice General Secretary – J. Gumbi( RDCWUZ)
Organizing Secretary – E. Chiripasi (NAWU)
Treasurer General – E. Mhuriro (CSEA)
Trustee – M. Chimhuka (ZGWU)

The TUCZ is planning to hold its inaugural elective Congress in October 2017. A series of labour fora are being lined up to familiarize the membership with the federation, its aims and objectives.

All members are therefore enjoined to support TUCZ as it is the federation that is going to represent all the aforementioned affiliates at national level and other such fora.

For any further details, please liaise with the office of the General Secretary.

Viva TUCZ Viva!


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