Women membership in Zewu to undergo training

ZEWU women membership is set to be trained after the union agreed in principal with IG BCE to undergo train the trainer programme.

IGB BCE is an active union in the field of development work.The union ecompasses unions in the chemical and energy sectors and is based in Germany.

The train the trainer programme is set to empower women in ZEWU.

At the IG BCE women’s conference, in 2008,the global union had already started up a promotional project in support of an educational campaign on HIV and AIDS in Tanazania.Based on this previous work and educational programme for ZEWU women membership is in the pipeline.

IG BCE in collaboration with President Chitambo agreed that a package of qualification measures shall be developed that directly aims at the education of women members.

According to IG BCE the training programme support women inorder to strengthen their engagement on site and to foster their participation within the economic, political and societal systems.

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