Working conditions at RVC Fuels must improve

Zimbabwe Energy Workers Union (ZEWU)


ZEWU has expressed concern over poor and unhealthy conditions workers at RVC-a fuel procurement company in Harare-are being exposed to.

Workers at the company in Ardbennie Industrial area, said apart from long working hours, they were not happy that they were working in unsafe environment.

“We are working for more than 12 hours a day…..spray painters are not given protective masks while the premises are too crowded and it will be a disaster if there is a fire,”said the workers.

Acting General Secretary Mbonisi Sibanda promised the workers that the union would soon engage the management for discussions.

“We have heard your concerns and we would like to promise you that we will address them to your company management  when we hold a meeting with them.

May l also take this opportunity to urge you not to sign the contract forms you were given by the employer….they are vague and do not conform to the Labour Act,”said Sibanda.

Workers at RVC Fuels,  expressed eagerness of joining ZEWU.

Accompanying Sibanda were national executive member, Dennis Mukote and National Organizing Secretary Joseph Charlie.

Close to 100 workers are employed at RVC Fuels.

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