ZESA 2012 Award – Salary Arrears Payment

We met ZESA management on 16 January 2015 on ZESA 2012 CBA award implementation. Instead of furnishing us with the payment plan, we were surprised to hear that management is still consulting the Ministry of Energy expecting to revert back to the unions in February, 2015.

Comrades; we are sick and tired of deliberate delays to the address of the matter. Workers have been very patient and have now been pushed to the wall. We should remain vigilant until we are paid what belong to us. Remember; this is our money by right, hence ZESA should pay accordingly.

We are supposed to take action and be more vigilant to ensure that the capitalists recognise the importance and power of the working class. Enough is enough comrades! We are left with a month and half to get our total payment and we need payment plan proposal.

We will update you on any further developments. The struggle continues unabated!

Aluta continua!

Martin Chikuni


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