We write to advise that our lawyers are pursuing the application which they filed at the High Court for appointment of an arbitrator to deal with the quantification process since Zesa was not willing to appoint their arbitrator to preside over the matter. The necessary papers were filed by both parties therefore we are now waiting for the set down of the matter for hearing.
On the other hand, Zesa has resuscitated an application for exemption from complying with the 2012 CBA despite the NEC having dealt with the issue. The matter has been referred for arbitration and the parties conducted pre-arbitration proceedings in which timelines for filing submissions were made.

However Zesa did not file their submissions on the due date and up to now they have not filed their submissions. ZEWU and NEWUZ have since filed an application for termination of the arbitration proceedings by the Arbitrator against Zesa’s non compliance with the timelines. We are now waiting for the Arbitrator’s ruling on that aspect.

Please advise your constituencies accordingly.

The Struggle continues.

Martin Chikuni


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