ZEWU agrees to rejoin ZCTU


Zimbabwe Energy Workers Union has finally decided to re-join the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) after breaking ranks with the federation in 2011.

The decision was unanimously taken at the union’s National Council meeting which was held in Kariba in April 2018.

ZEWU acting president, Mike Steamer Ndlovu said it was important for the union to re-join the ZCTU although the labour centre is faced with mounting disunity amongst the affiliate unions.

He said this critical decision was motivated by the global phenomenon where unions are coming together and forming bigger federations and in this case, the starting point is to retrace our footsteps and close ranks.

He said ZEWU is a strong union with enlightened members who can help restore the vibrancy of the ZCTU.

ZEWU together with other 10 affiliates broke away from the ZCTU citing violation of the organizational constitution ahead of the 7th congress held in Bulawayo in 2011.

Martin Chikuni, ZEWU’s general secretary said the union wrote a letter of admission to the ZCTU and it is awaiting a response.

He said the current problems that workers are facing requires a strong, vibrant and an organised labour movement to give solutions to this unending crisis.

“We wrote them after our National Council gave us the green light to re-affiliate. We are a big union and we can make a difference if we re-join the ZCTU. The current problems workers are facing today require strong unions because there is strength in numbers,” said Chikuni.

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