Zewu in climate change and green jobs workshop

Zewu participated in climate change and green jobs workshop held in Johanesburg in South Africa by Building and Wood Workers International.

Zewu Trustee, Cde Peter Shotere and National Executive member for Nyanga/Rusape constituency attended the workshop.

Participants noted with great concern the impact of industrial activities on climate change. National Energy Sector and Allied Workers Union of Zambia invited Zewu to share on the same subject.

Also present at this workshop were ZEWU Treasurer General, Cde Knowledge Siriva and National Executive member for Chinhoyi.

The Zimbabwe Energy Workers Union shall continue to network and ensure that workers’ issues are addressed and that the trade union movement in the region influences socio-economic policies for local and regional environmental sustainability

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One thought on “Zewu in climate change and green jobs workshop

  1. nqabeni nkala Reply

    The situation in this country pertitions all workers to a more vigorous approach in as far as the employer’s behaviour is concerned and do better than what we are doing at the present moment. it is disappointing that Unions are not meeting (all Unions ) to map the way forward looking at that the employer is refusing to pay minimum wage to its workers instead going reverse to say salary cut. this has even gone as far as private sector, local authorities and domestic workers. workers of Zimbabwe let us work up and voice loud to be head. I was happy to read hear about one global trade union leader who is now president of the state who addressed a global union leadership gathering in Stockholm at an Industri all executive meeting. we can do it and rise to the levels of such leaders as long as we are encouraged and resilient. Shinga mushandi shinga.

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