ZEWU NEC member vies for councillorship

Zimbabwe Energy Workers Union (ZEWU)

ZEWU national executive member for Gwanda-Esigodini, Nqabeni Nkala is vying for the councillorship in ward 20 Umzingwane district under Zanu PF ticket. Nkala beat other two contestants in the recently held primary elections. Nkala will battle it out with an aspiring councilor from MDC N after the MDC T did not field a candidate. An up beat Nkala said he had lined up a number of developmental projects for the ward if he wins the local government elections set for 31 July. “I have got very big plans for ward 20 Umzingwane,”said Nkala. “I am aiming to initiate some developmental projects….but let me stress that l have already done something on the ground. I am already paying some school fees for five underprivileged children in primary schools.Am also looking at addressing the problem of water in the ward.Already l have initiated the drilling of three boreholes but my plan is to have all villages in the ward have access to water,”he said. Nkala said he hopes to harness electricity in the ward so that people’s livelihoods would be improved. “Harnessing electricity to the ward is my other priority….this way people’s lives will be sustainable. As you might be aware of, the ward is in the resettlement area, but there are no business centres.It is my hope that we will create business centres in all villages.As we speak I have already assisted in the opening up of one in Mbalabala and we are currently waiting for stands in other areas as the concept have already been approved,”Nkala said. Lastly Nkala said his other priority is to create employment for the youths. “In the ward there is craftsmanship project, but the problem is that we are yet to find a sponsor to finance the youths so that they can sustain their livelihoods.Already l have procured some equipment for the youths for this project,”he said. Currently Nkala works at ZEDTC Esigodini depot.

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